Woven in the fabric of Dalton, Georgia since 1945
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Marion S. (Pete) Sims

Sims Warehouse, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Marion S. "Pete" Sims.

 Who was born in Mobile, Alabama but at an early age moved to Dalton when his father, Dr. Frank Knight "Dee" Sims Sr. became the minister of the First Presbyterian Church.

After attending Georgia Tech, Pete married Mary Elisabeth Sims, daughter of Henry L. Smith who was the first graduate of Georgia Tech as well the owner of the first automobile in Dalton.

Pete worked with Mr. Smith, a tentmaker, manufacturing tents for gospel revivals and other outdoor events. During World War ll, Pete secured government contracts for making squad tents and shelter halves for soldiers overseas.


  During this time, Dalton had become known as the "Bedspread Center of the World" because of the area's chenille manufacturing which began as a cottage industry. The textile industry in this area began as local women hand tufted bedspreads in their homes and on front porches. Then local mechanics were able to develop chenille machines by converting ordinary sewing machines.

First Car in Dalton
Chenille Bedspread

Following the war, Pete started Sims Textile Company, which supplied patterns, sheeting, yarn and even single needle-tufting machines. Creating and selling many patterns of his own design, he also originated a mail order catalog enabling customers to order a machine, sheeting stamped with a pattern of their own choosing along with a colorful array of yarns.

This would allow them to not only make their own bedspread, but also to hang it out on the front lawn to sell to tourists. This practice became so prevalent along the highway from Chattanooga to Atlanta, this section became known as "Peacock Alley". The peacock was a particularly popular pattern because an endless assortment of leftover colored yarn could be used in the peacock's tail.


Established in a spacious building, Pete utilized the area to enjoy and share his numerous hobbies. For many years, the front part of the building was dedicated to his antiques and unique collectibles that he sold in the "Antiquarium". Pete also possessed a talent for painting and wood carving, and many of his works were displayed for the enjoyment of friends and customers. He was also a short story writer, winning awards and recognition for the Creative Writer's Club of Dalton, and he frequently got some of his best ideas here.

Ultimately, the industry moved into the manufacture of carpet and a magic word came on the scene, known as "broadloom". Always thinking ahead, Pete saw there was a need for jute carpet backing in 12 and 15-foot widths to eliminate seams. He sold this to the industry for several years before converting his spacious building into a warehouse. He warehoused everything from chenille bedroom shoes to burlap tubing wrap for carpet.

In 1972, Sims Textile Company incorporated as Sims Warehouse, Inc. and with his son, Lamar at the helm since 1978, where customers receive more than just storage space.   Our distribution service is tailored to meet the customer's needs, offering a full-service warehouse. Specialized in the handling, service and storage of chemicals, dyes and carpet related products.

Chenille Bedspread





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